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Just started Zhang's protocol and happy to find you

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Feb 6 10 2:18 AM

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Hello all
Glad I found this forum! I just started on Dr Zhang's protocol and nice to know other people are on it too.

It actually amazes me that more people dont talk about his protocol so much. on many support group's I never see anyone on Zhang's.

So it is refreshing to know their are some out here>

look forward to sharing my progress

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Feb 20 10 10:36 PM

This is my first post on this forum.  It seems there are many more people out there on Zhang's protocol than are actually posting, but since exhaustion is such a prominent symptom, that could be the reason. As a community, we especially need people who have been on the protocol for several months to share their progress.  Encouragement and inspiration are desperately needed!!

I am a mom of 2, and writing on behalf of my 13 year old daughter who has Lyme Disease.  She has been suffering for one year.  Although I myself do not have the disease, I feel as if I have gone through it every step of the way with my daughter.  She has had almost every symptom under the sun.  She initially fell ill (severely) with a flu like illness in January 2012.  She had a high fever, muscle and body pain, exhaustion and sweats.  I did not know what was wrong with my daughter and the pediatrician told me she had the flu.  She did not get better.  After a short course of antibiotics and a visit to an Infectious Disease Specialist, who told us she had fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, we were desperate.  Finally, bloodwork did reveal Lyme Disease.  Another course of abx (only 3 weeks) gave my daughter no relief and the pediatrian  Refused any further treatment, telling us the CDC has a standard of care protocol for  Lyme Disease patients and he had carried that out for us, and further suggesting preteens are known to exaggerate and that she looked fine to him.  She was not fine, and when I objected, he instructed us not to come back till spring.  Really??

I found my way to a Lyme Literate Doctor, a well-known specialist.  We felt redeemed and that we were in the right hands, and he put my daughter on Doxycycline.  Her symptoms were so difficult to deal with and I cannot tell you how hard it was to watch her feeling so ill, missing months of school and missing out on life... She experienced debilitating fatigue, muscle and joint pain (severe), sweats, dizziness, ear ringing, stomach pain, tingling and sharp shooting pains, fuzzy thinking, difficulty concentrating, depression, anxiety, the list goes on. 

After 6 months on doxycline which my daughter tolerated fairly well, she had improved greatly.  By September of this year (2012) she was almost symptom-free.  Just in time for school, she was able to resume her life and begin 7th grade (a difficult year at best for most of us).  The Lyme doctor took her off doxy in October 2012 since she was symptom-free.  We were so happy...going out to celebrate her CURE. 

Not so fast....After about 7 days, some little symptoms started to creep back.  First a little tired, then a little achey...then some tingling here and there.  By thanksgiving, I watched, alarmed, as my usually full of life pre-teen sat with her head on the table at Thanksgiving dinner, utterly exhausted.  I knew then, Lyme was back, and we had a problem again.

The Lyme doctor put my daughter on Zithromax.  She felt sick to her stomach from it.  And I felt sick that she was back on ABx with little improvement after about 2 weeks.  It was at that point I prayed to God for an answer that was more gentle and could cure her.  I did not even know that a cure was possible until I found Dr. Zhang.

So, my daughter has been on the herbal protocol since December 5, 2012, when we met Dr. Zhang in NYC.  Everything he said made perfect sense to me and was an answer to my prayers.  Zhang says his treatments are Curative not simply symptom supressing. I can tell you from our experience, the ABx just supress the spirochete, that's it.  You are a slave to the ABx which mess up your body.  I just couldn't stand by and watch my daughter debilitate that way.

After 5 days on the Zhang's herbals, my daughter experienced a VERY powerful Herx that put her in bed for 10 days.  She has lots of pain and exhaustion and memory loss.  It made me nervous to watch the Herx go on and on, so I called Zhang several times.  He reassured me the more powerful the Herx, the better the response to the treatment. 

She has now been on the protocol for one month.  No Zithromax for the past 3 weeks.  She is a bit better and has less pain, especially the back pain has improved.  Cordyceps was added because of the fatigue, which is still a problem.  Overall, she is feeling better, but definately has a way to go.  I am hopeful that my daughter will be fully restored to good health in 6 months, as Zhang has predicted.  Zhang has said the key is to be patient and that the herbs take time.   It is wonderful to see her improving while not taking any antibiotics whatsoever.  That to me is such an amazing blessing and has given us renewed resolve to keep going.  Sure, we could have stayed on the antibiotics merry-go-round.  Next step for us may have been IV pic line and that frightened me. 

My daughter takes her regimen well and tolerates the herbals well.  The Allicin is a bit challenging because of the smell and we deal with that with lots of gum and body spray. 

Her symptoms continue, but she is not herxing at the moment and I wonder if she will again next month or at some point?  The no carb, no sugar diet is a challenge but we try our best.  She also gets acupuncture.

Wishing all of you out there well on your journey through this maze called Lyme Disease.  This experience has forever changed our family and I am a huge advocate of Modern Chinese Medicine and the Zhang protocol.  Dr. Zhang is blazing a trail here in the US where all we know is one-size fits all medicine. 

We will check in regularly to report our progress. 

It would be great to hear more from others and their progress.

Kim and Emily (age 13)

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#2 [url]

Feb 22 10 6:10 PM

      Hello Kimslip and Emily
                              ,   First off, my heart goes out to you to read your story and to see what you
          have gone through.       I myself did not get diagnosed with this until much
           later in life,  well into my 50's so I am in a different place obviously than your daughter.  Both of my
           daughters are grown.   
                       What is similiar is the path we take to find treatment.   First to find a diagnosis and know what
             may be going on with us. 
                   Then,  to find someone who can treat us in a way we can
              respond to. 
                                       I only took antibiotics for about 4 weeks.  By that time,  my digestion was
           so compromised,  I wasn't able to tolerate them  (for which I'm glad actually)  
                              My  LLMD had me on
           homeopathics,  herbs (tinctures)  many supplements and recently treatments to detox for heavy
        metals.    I also have chronic fatigue so when things flare up I don't always know what's causing what.
                                 However,   I found Dr. Zhang's site in August when my symptoms had flared up again
                 and the herbs which contained alcohol were not agreeing with me.
                                   I have not had any dramatic or prolonged type of herxes since I've been on them.
                     Probably becuase I've had them at other times over the past 6 years and it's possible that
                  some of the bacteria have lessened or the neurotoxins are moving out better.     I am
                    able to take the garlic fine and none of the others  upset my stomach.   I'm very grateful for that.
                                     I don't want to give anyone false hope.   That's because  I"ve been dealing with this
                      for probably at least 15 years.   but,  I will say,  that I feel a steady improvement.   
                                          I was able to take a trip 2 weeks ago for 7 days.    I had no brain fog the whole
                       time.   I had no major gut issues or dizziness which I get when I travel.  This was a major
                       positive thing for me.   I too avoid sugar and gluten and any types of processed foods.
                                      Coming back some of that went out the window because I was on a train and
                           was tired and such.   I wasn't able to pack up ahead of time.  So I slept the following
                               days when I got back      
                                             But I do feel after this,   so much better.   I feel you're in the right place.
                                I'm glad you put up your post.   I commend you as a mom for searching about to
                               find a healthy alternative to antibiotics.  
                                 Not an easy thing to do.           I send you my very best wishes for you
                             and Emily in the New Year. and her continued gains in health.  
                                      Do hang in there and do keep us
                                            informed if you would.    Blessings to you,   RQ

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#3 [url]

Mar 10 10 9:32 PM

Hi RQ, 
Thank you for your post.  Update on my daughter is I am seeing a trend towards improvement.  She is showing more energy than she had a few weeks ago, a bit less pain, and clearer thinking.  She has a ways to go, but I am very encouraged to see these changes while taking only Dr. Zhang's herbal protocol. (Artemisia, Allicin, Circ P, AI 3, Coptis, Cordycepts, and Purerarin).  We are at week 6 and Dr. Zhang encourages us to stay the course, and that in several more weeks she should be having more good days with continual resolvement of symptoms.  

My daughter has had 2 definite Herx reactions, each lasting 11 days.  (they were rough)

Will check in again in a few weeks. 


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#4 [url]

Mar 17 10 5:38 PM

Hello Kim and Emily,

My story sounds so similar, however, I am much older than 13. 

ABX for 1 year after 16 months of pain and doctors who didn't know what was wrong with me. And as soon as I went off the Doxy and other ABX after 1 year.....symptoms crept back.

 I wanted to give you hope because I have been on Zhang's protocol for a little over 3 months.  Although I am herxing mildly again, I have had many days in the last month where I feel close to normal.  Once I talked to the clinic at the 3 month mark and she reminded me to stop all sugar and fruit (except granny smith apples and grapefruit), all the tingling and numbness in my arm, knees and hand went away. All of my symptoms have gotten better, not perfect, but better.  Brain Fog is almost gone.  9 sessions of Acupunture also helped.  I have also learned to be gluten free.

I had the same results as Emily with major herx for ~10 days after 5 days on the protocol.  Also, herxed again at about the 5-6 week mark, but not as bad as the first one. 

I have 2 daughters who are healthy and I can only imagine your agony as a Mom.  I will keep Emily in my prayers.

Take good care and keep the faith!!!

I would also like to hear from people who are further along in the protocol, or completed the protocol.

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